Bart Druckenmiller

BBart and Sue have been happily married for over 20 years, and together they have three children. They attend (Faith Church Saint Louis)-the 5th fastest growing church in America-under the inspiring leadership of Pastors David and Nicole Crank. They serve in their local church in a few areas of ministry and are also available for ministry engagements at churches or for special meetings-Bart with His speaking abilities-and Sue with her harp and piano music. Bart is presently working for JP Morgan Chase as a travel agent for Quality Reward Travel for the Maritz Corporation. Bart has been in radio for over four years and in the broadcast section on this site he has recorded 40 programs including fascinating guests like Howard Pittman, Bill Wiese, and Barbie Breathitt.  Bart is taking a leave from being on the radio but plans to return sometime after his new books come out.  Please listen to past broadcast archives  for Bart’s interviews.

Sue works for her local school district, where all three of their children have and are attending. Sue is an accomplished harpist and loves to play her Harp at weddings, and church functions and all types of special events. Sue’s hobbies include horse back riding, hiking, playing piano and guitar. When she is not with her horse Indistar-(a gift from our Pastors David and Nicole Crank) she can be found working with her music or with her family. Sue loves to share her piano and harp talents at weddings and others various special events. If you want to have some of the most beautiful wedding music this side of heaven please give her a call at 636-225-8548 or visit her website is


Feel free to browse our website and be sure to watch both of Bart’s interviews with Jim and Lori Bakker. Also be sure to check out Bart’s You-tube channel. Bart has over 50 short videos ranging from “Take me out the the Ball Game” “to “Running into Chuck Norris” in his speedboat. Also be sure to check out our Broadcast section and listen to audio teachings from Bart’s radio program with some really amazing guests. And be sure to check out our “Dreamer’s Corner” just packed with interesting articles that include stories that will bring hope for the hopeless, freedom for the addicted, encouragement for those struggling, and instruction for those who may have lost their way.  Please check back often for new and exciting changes and additions and be sure to watch the three part series “The Effect of Every Vision 2012” in which Bart shares his testimony of how he was given a scripture in the middle of the night that he did not know was in the Bible. Just click on one of the videos on the home page and get on Bart’s You-tube video channel for some exciting revelations that God might use to change your life for the better forever. Feel free to email Bart at Thanks for checking out our site and God bless.